About Us

My husband - the handsome half of the partnership who lifts the heavy things - smelled a candle he loved in a store in Louisiana. It was a scent he had never come across in a candle before, but the candle was $35. Incredulity struck, and he asked me to make him one that didn't cost that much. That began our candle making journey. It quickly spiraled out of control and here we are, today.

[The scent was Tobacco & Bourbon, by the way]

The basic tenants we've held to in this venture have been simple. Make no-frills candles that smell good, and that no one else has.

No colors or dyes, because they increase cost with no increase in quality.

No cloying fruit, flowers, or food. They all smell like sugar and you can buy them at Walmart, Target, and national candle retailers

We use wooden wicks that crackle when they burn. They're cool. They also have a larger flame that encourages a full melt pool in your candle. That means no wasted wax.

The ultimate goal is to make long-lasting candles that burn efficiently and are affordable. We omit standard candle-making gimmicks that offer nothing tangible to the consumer. After all, your purchase should benefit you, not us.