Custom Orders

     We will work with you on one-on-one to create a scent or label for your business or event. Depending on the desired product, this could take four weeks or longer, so plan accordingly. You must order at least 12 candles or 12 smelly jellies. The first order will have a $5 surcharge on each custom scent blend. We cannot guarantee in advance that the blends will work with the Smelly Jellies. We are happy to test it and let you decide if you would like to continue with that line.

     We can custom create labels with your logo or special scent name. We must have the logo files or a working example of the new label within 24 hours after ordering so we can start working on your label. There will be $15 set-up fee the first time for each custom label. If you have more than 5 custom labels, we will work with you on pricing. Making and designing the labels takes time away from working on your candle order (we are not graphic artists).

     We can also use jars or other heat proof vessels that you provide or that we have decided on together. This requires testing, and it will take at least 6 weeks for us to test your jars. Our name and brand is on the line, and we will not give out a product we have not thoroughly safety tested.

We can show you more samples of our custom work at any time.