Custom Orders


We offer personalized services to tailor scents or labels to your business or event. Depending on your specific requirements, this process may extend to four weeks or more, so it's advisable to plan accordingly. The minimum order for custom scents or labels is 12 candles or 12 Smelly Jellies. For custom scent blends, there will be an additional $5 surcharge per blend on the first order. While we cannot guarantee in advance the compatibility of custom blends with Smelly Jellies, we're open to testing and allowing you to decide whether to proceed with that line.

We also provide custom label creation featuring your logo or a special scent name. Please provide logo files or a working example of the new label within 24 hours of ordering to initiate the design process. A $15 set-up fee applies to each custom label for the first order. For orders with more than 5 custom labels, we're flexible on pricing. It's important to note that designing labels requires time and effort, as we are not graphic artists.

Additionally, we can utilize jars or other heatproof vessels provided by you or agreed upon together. However, this necessitates testing, which typically requires at least 6 weeks. We prioritize product safety and quality, ensuring thorough testing before releasing any product bearing our name and brand.

Feel free to request more samples of our custom work at any time. We're here to accommodate your needs and preferences.